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TESLA ($TSLA) Trade Recap 1/26

+27% ($505)

Going into the day I was watching MSFT, TSLA & AMZN. TSLA caught my attention because it gapped up overnight and the Nasdaq held up well during the overnight session. As the morning progressed TSLA started to move into a zone of interest I was watching. I also saw on Bookmap there was a large wall of sellers around $965. As price began to pullback I went short at 7:07. It also coincided with the the Pre market high. Price was unable to break these levels and sellers stepped in.

My first target was VWAP, price tried to bounce but quickly flushed through it. I was ideally looking to get out around Pre Market Low. Price stalled around $938 as there was some buyers below to hold price up. Got out after it began to reverse for a +26% gain. Was in this trade for just about a hour, stress free. My risk was above HOD. About a 5:1 Risk Reward Ratio.