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I am a recent graduate from Bellevue College, where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Digital Marketing. My passion for marketing began while I was pursuing music production in the Greater Seattle Area. In order to help artists find my music, I quickly learned about search engine optimization, algorithms, and creating effective advertisements for platforms like Facebook and Google AdWords. Through hard work and dedication, I managed to grow my channel to over 5,000 subscribers and over 1 million total video views.

During my time in college, I also developed an interest in personal finance. Starting from high school, I have been consistently educating myself on budgeting, credit card management, and various financial hacks. This knowledge has allowed me to make informed decisions about my own finances.

As I ventured into trading, I realized the importance of sharing my experiences and strategies to help others on their financial journey. At the age of 24, I have been fortunate enough to achieve a stable financial foundation, which has inspired me to create content that documents my progress in my career, trading, and other pursuits, such as real estate.

Recently, I joined the team at Option Drops, where I am excited to contribute my digital marketing skills to help grow the company. My goal is to continue learning, share my knowledge, and support others in achieving their financial and professional goals.

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Options Trading

Along with my other interests, I am an options trader that primarily focuses on equities within the Nasdaq 100. With this website and my videos I will begin making soon, I hope to provide knowledge, strategies and other helpful techniques that have help me become a profitable trader, returning over 100% in 2021, in a year which the S&P returned 26%. I will post frequently with trades that I have taken, whether it is green or red as well as other information regarding the financial markets.

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